To start with, I recommend you book a trial lesson so I can test your English and determine your strengths as well as those areas of your language expertise that need special attention.

I believe in harmony and therefore pay equal attention to all aspects of language learning:

listening practice helps you enrich your vocabulary and enhance pronunciation, therefore in my lessons I use a variety of audio material such as interviews, podcasts, etc. accompanied by exercises to help you practice new vocabulary;

reading guarantees that your learn new words and phrases in context and therefore remember them better, so we’ll be studying and discussing texts of all sorts – from ads to newspaper articles – about whatever you’re interested in;

good knowledge of grammar is indispensable for good writing and is impossible without plenty of practice, which you can be sure I’ll provide you with;

writing enhances your speaking making you choose words more carefully and express yourself in a logical and comprehensible way, and it’s a lot of fun too;

all of the above results in better speaking.

I can teach you all of the above or we can focus on one particular skill you need to improve –  it’s up to you!  

To let me know about your preferences and book a 30-minute trial lesson for only £1.99 please fill in the form below.