Why me

1-on-1 vs Group Classes

Like any bespoke service, 1-on-1 language classes are more expensive than group ones. However, the benefits are immense:

  • you get a personalised study plan that focuses on what YOU need to learn, rather than have to follow the syllabus of a textbook you haven’t chosen and may not even particularly like
  • you also have a say in how you spend time in class, the activities and tasks as well as the amount and type of homework you’d like to do
  • you learn at your own speed, not the speed dictated by the learning abilities and language competences of your classmates
  • being the only student in class, you get the teacher’s undivided attention and lots of feedback, which will help you learn better and faster
  • if you tend to shy away from speaking for fear that your classmates will be judgmental of your English, then the supportive and relaxing atmosphere of 1-on-1 lessons is just what you need to boost your self-confidence.

Learn from the comfort of your home

As I teach online, you can learn without leaving home.

And when it suits you!

No more wasting your precious time getting to class and back or having to adjust your daily routine to attend pre-scheduled offline group classes!

My only suggestion is that you find a place where you won’t be disturbed for the entire duration of the lesson.

No need to figure it out for yourself

We’ll be working in partnership so you’ll be able to co-design your learning experience while I’ll be nurturing your creativity, learner autonomy and self-confidence.

Working together means that I’ll come up with a monthly plan based on your needs and expertise, you’ll commit to doing your homework and we’ll be meeting on a weekly basis to practise conversation, deal with any questions you may have about your learning and celebrate your progress.

I’ll be also providing all learning materials but you’re welcome to bring to class anything you have questions about or would like to discuss.

My qualifications and experience

In me you’ll find a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) qualified teacher with 10+ years’ experience teaching individual students and groups from complete and false beginners all the way up to the advanced level.

In 2020 I took the FutureLearn How to Teach English Online course.

I also hold a Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

I’ve lived in London (UK) since 2011 – and been married to an Englishman for 10 years (not sure what exactly this proves, if anything, but it’s at the very least a fact of life!)

Support a small values-based business

Big corporations – and language school chains are no exception – don’t care about their customer’s satisfaction as much as small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

In the world of big numbers they operate in the personal needs and feelings of their clients as well as their staff are often neglected, if not outright ignored.

For me, on the other hand, your progress and emotional comfort are top priorities.

I value your precious time and hard-earned money as I value mine; that’s why I do my best to help you achieve your learning goals and become an independent learner so you can continue your studies on your own as quickly as possible.

Moreover, I teach because it’s my calling, because it’s something I can do to change people’s lives for the better, to make a difference.

I haven’t been very fortunate with teachers as a language learner myself, and I want your English learning experience to be more enjoyable and fulfilling than mine.